I’m Jamie Dunkin.

I’ve followed Sydney FC for as long as I can remember, and think day and night about Sydney FC. I’ve administrated All Sides Of The Harbour since 2017 and absolutely loved it.


Maintain a positive ambience

Football is a notoriously dour and negative world to be in sometimes, and with ASOTH my mission is to maintain a positive image and optimistic view on football.

Support local football

The best football is readily available right here in Australia. Let’s support it.

Appreciate every aspect

Football isn’t just a game of 90 minutes to me. It’s my life, and the community around it, the various levels of it, the fans, everything: I want to take a look at every part of the game.

The myopic, one-eyed fan view

I want to keep the view of someone who is just a fan. Not a full-time journalist, not a worker for the club, but someone who wants to promote our game and share his fandom.